MyFDA Academy Invites You!

We value your expertise in the Quality Management Systems and/or Regulatory Compliance fields in the medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We also thank you for your interest in being on our team for providing e-Learning courses for the professionals working in these industries.

In brief, we are looking to continually add to an extensive library of courses offered at This portal is designed for our and your existing and potential customers who are interested in developing their knowledge and skills in these highly specialized and regulated industries. We are reaching out to consultants and experts like you to help build this library.

If you have some of the following credentials, we'll have a great fit:

  • Advanced degrees in science, engineering, or medicine.
  • Ten years or more of work experience in the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or biotech industries.
  • Ten years or more of work experience at government regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Credentials with professional associations in quality, regulatory, and compliance fields.
  • Publications in professional journals serving the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or biotech industries.
  • Experience in training and mentoring of technical professionals in the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or biotech industries.
  • Existing consulting practice serving the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or biotech industries.

What are we looking for?

  • Courses focused on practical how-to-apply approach to all Quality Management Systems and Regulatory Compliance topics.
  • Courses centered on real-world case studies.
  • Courses that will impart immediate practical skills.
  • Courses that provide clear insight to complex and specialized regulations.
  • Courses that will provide a stimulating learning experience.
  • Courses that clearly convey your expertise in the subject matter.

How would we work together?

  • Together we'll determine which courses you may best contribute. You may suggest topics of your expertise and we'll tell you which topics are most sought after.
  • Course topics could be big, like "Introduction to GMP/QSR Regulation", or could be on niche specialties like "How to do Software Risk Analysis".
  • We'll rely on you for the real technical content of the course, where your expertise is of great value. You may provide the basic PowerPoint or equivalent files that you may already have.
  • We'll do the final editorial and presentation work on what you submit - the looks and feel, audio and video, animation and navigation, etc. to deliver a superior user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I join your faculty team?
    If you have some of the credentials we have mentioned above and have the content knowledge that you feel passionate about, please Contact Us. We'll vet your expertise and content to ensure its suitability and then offer you a contract.

  • Are you looking for specific topics or areas of expertise?
    We are looking for experts in all areas of quality system and regulatory compliance for the FDA-regulated industries. If you have expertise in a niche topic, your courses will command special values.

  • What type of content do I need to prepare?
    We can use your existing PowerPoint or equivalent files. We rely on you for the content. We'll take care of the presentation. Typically you also need to provide us the quizzes and audio scripts that go with your content.

  • How much time would I need to prepare the course content?
    That depends on the nature and complexity of your course. It also depends on how much of the content you already have and how much you may develop from scratch. We expect you to take a few days to put it all together.

  • How long will it take to launch the course on
    After we accept your content, it would typically take 6-8 weeks for your course to go live on the site. We need this time to do the final editorial and presentation work to deliver a superior user experience.

  • How will people find my course at
    We will promote your course in our Featured Courses section for one or two months upon its introduction. It will be placed under an appropriate category for easy finding. We also provide search tools to users to find courses by key words. We will also recommend your course to users based on their interests and prior purchases. Also, we give greater visibility to highly rated courses and experts.

  • What do I gain from doing this?
    First, of course, there are the direct financial benefits. We offer you royalty based on the fees collected on your course. The exact terms depend on the length and complexity of your course and will be detailed in the contract. Just as important, you'll get the opportunity to network with professionals who take your course and may seek your subject matter expertise in their projects. This could further enhance your consulting work.

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