We understand how important it is for companies in the FDA-regulated industries to provide the best of training and skills development to their employees. At our eLearning portal, MyFDAAcademy.com, your employees can take courses in a large variety of topics relevant to their job functions, with multiple benefits listed here:

  • Courses cover a broad spectrum of quality system, regulatory, and compliance topics. They include highly specialized and niche subjects and topics not typically covered by a company's internal training program.
  • Courses are prepared by industry experts and government regulators with years of experience and established reputations.
  • Courses are presented on our proprietary and futuristic platform, in engaging, entertaining, interactive, and informative mode, providing a truly immersive learning experience.
  • Courses are designed with real-world case studies with strong emphasis on developing practical skills needed to perform real-world job functions.
  • Courses include quizzes and exams, providing a measure of effectiveness and ensuring a level of skill achievement to earn certification.
  • Courses support a very flexible schedule; courses can be taken during work hours, at home, wherever the employees are located - without having to travel - and in one continuous session or as many discreet sessions as their schedules demand.
  • Courses are supported on all common technical platforms - PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android mobile devices, tablets, and all popular browsers.

In short, MyFDAAcademy.com provides specialized training for employees - with great content, at great value, on a very flexible schedule, and on whichever IT platform your company supports. And all of this results in your employees acquiring practical skills and qualifying as subject matter experts in their fields.

How would we work together?

  • You can establish a corporate account with us that would allow your employees to take courses at MyFDAAcademy.com at negotiated discount prices.
  • We can establish a Purchase Order-based billing schedule so that your employees don't have to pay for the courses using their personal or business credit cards.
  • We offer you many options on your Purchase Order terms - which employees are authorized, for how many courses, when, monthly or annual billing caps, notifications upon course registrations, etc.
  • We offer you many options on your training records needs - periodic reporting by employee, position, department, topic, etc. We can also provide useful metrics on performance - employee success in achieving certifications, course completion times, employee rating of courses, etc.
  • We can develop and launch courses on particular topics of interest to your organization.

What are the key benefits to your organization?

  • Easy, streamlined access available to your employees to a large library of courses relevant to the FDA-regulated industries.
  • Significant savings over the cost of sending employees to external training classes or the cost of inviting consultants to deliver onsite classes.
  • Complete flexibility on the training schedule. Unlike webinars and physical seminars that are offered on specific days and times and allow one-time attendance, your employees can access our courses whenever they want, from wherever they are and as often as they want. One fee pays for the initial session and as many refresher sessions as desired.
  • Your employees will have networking opportunities with the instructors and other fellow learners, using the Forums provided at our eLearning Center.
  • Your employees will earn SME-level certifications and competency in the subjects relevant to their job functions.
  • Full visibility on the ongoing cost incurred and the benefits accrued.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we set up a corporate account?
    Please Contact Us or send us an email at info@MyFDAAcademy.com. We'll discuss the details of your needs with you and prepare a contract for you to consider. We'll activate your account upon receiving a P.O.

  • How would our employees get engaged with the arrangement?
    We'll send you "awareness" materials to distribute within your organization to encourage employees to participate. With your consent, we can also send direct eNotifications to your employees on the program.

  • How do we control which employees are authorized to participate?
    We can set up our database with a list of employees you have authorized to participate. Their logins at our eLearning Center will be linked to your organization and only they will be able to take courses under your account.

  • Is there a trial period?
    We can set up a corporate account for you for as little as three months and for as few as five employees participating. Please note that your discount prices depend on the volume of work authorized under your account.

  • Can we pre-assess the suitability of courses to our needs?
    Under the terms of your corporate account, we can authorize one or more of your employees to peruse the contents of specific courses prior to authorizing their use by your employees. We can restrict your employees to take only such pre-authorized courses under your corporate account.

  • What happens when an employee leaves our company?
    Upon your notification, we can terminate that employee's access to our eLearning Center under your account.

Last modified: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 8:46 AM